To-Do List: Oregon Humanities

Oregon Humanities

We asked students and staff in the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage to give us a list of “luminaries”: people doing work that, even if it wasn’t explicitly framed as “public humanities,” still informed the ways we think about and value public humanities in theory and practice. In an attempt to learn more about what this exemplary work looks like on a day-to-day basis (and to make this labor more visible than it may typically be), we asked these luminaries to document a typical day at the office.

Oregon Humanities (well, someone from their organization!) was kind enough to share their thoughts on public humanities with our project. Oregon Humanities “connects Oregonians to ideas that change lives and transform communities” through public conversations and programming. As they note on the postcard above, “At Oregon Humanities, we get people thinking, talking, and listening — across differences — about what things mean for how we live together.” Thanks for writing us!

Would you like to share a story or a To-Do List with us? Day of Public Humanities 2017 is over, but we’re still interested in stories about how you work, how you keep track of work, and how you reflect on the work of public humanities! Email it to or find us on Twitter @DayofPH! You can find more To-Do Lists on our blog here.


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