Doing Public Humanities To-Do List and Exhibit at Brown University

Doing Public Humanities (Brown University’s “Public Humans”)

On May 9th, 2017, members of Brown University’s John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage organized several events tied to Day of Public Humanities. Doing Public Humanities (by Jim McGrath, Robyn Schroeder, and Inge Zwart) was “a public performance art installation on the Main Green, featuring public humanists working at or near a desk.”

“Doing Public Humanities” Exhibit Label


“Doing Public Humanities” exhibit and exhibit label

Part of our exhibition involved completing a To-Do List documenting the work that all of our “performers” completed over the course of the day. The Day of Public Humanities team would like to thank everyone who participated in this exhibition: Susan Smulyan, Sabina Griffin, Ron Potvin, Marisa Angell Brown, Emily Sellon, Maggie Unverzagt Goddard, and Bryn Pernot! Special thanks especially goes out to the JNBC, who graciously agreed to hold their weekly staff meeting outdoors on a chilly and rainy Providence morning!

Bryn Pernot shows her work to Robyn Schroeder and Brigitte Santana during her hour “performing” public humanities work at our “Doing Public Humanities” exhibit.

JNBC staff (Susan Smulyan, Marisa Angell Brown, Sabina Griffin, Ron Potvin, and Robyn Schroeder) “performing” as part of “Doing Public Humanities.”

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