A Day of Public Humanizing: Maria Paula Garcia Mosquera

Editor’s Note: Hi, DayofPHers (you don’t have to call yourselves that)! We have been reaching out to friends, colleagues, idols, and other acquaintances in the wide world of public humanities to see if anyone wants to write guest posts about their days of public humanizing. If you’d like to tell us about your day (or blog about another topic related to our Day of Public Humanities!), please get in touch! You can email us (dayofPH[at]gmail) or contact us via Twitter (@DayofPH). And don’t forget to talk about your work with us on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017! 🙂

Thank you Maria Paula Garcia Mosquera for sharing your thoughts on planning as a public humanist. Maria Paula is a first year student in the Public Humanities master’s program at Brown.

Coming back to university made me realize that I now plan my work just as an individual practice instead of a collective negotiation, as I used to do when I was working. As part of my jobs in the public cultural sector in Colombia and Boston, I had to discuss with a lot of people to determine the best methods to keep track on our agreements and shared tasks. Those methods were a mixture of analog and digital tools, depending on the project partners, who was leading the implementation of the project, and the size of the project or the time I had to do it.


December 6, 2016. “Una Menos”

From that experience, I started to organize my own work developing three parallel strategies: 1) On a board or a visible sheet of paper on my desk, I wrote down all the general tasks to finish in the month; 2) I used my notebook for the details of each general task that I had written on my board; 3) I scheduled in my Google Calendar each assignment that I had to accomplish each week. This methodology made me part of two groups of people: the ones who love to cross out things they finished and the ones who set their desks as an office supplies store.

These days, I have found the first strategy a very effective method for my student life. I have a big whiteboard in my little studio space where my husband and I write down ideas, tasks and schedules with our 8 erasable markers. Each day, just before I make breakfast, I have a “friendly” reminder of how I have advanced—or not—in my work.

Our whiteboard is also the place where #elgatodelosfinales was born. He cheers us up while we are trying to wrap up the semester. Although, he is not just there to look at us. He is also suffering the effects of this stressful time of the academic year.

Photo 1

April 29, 2017. Screenshot of my whiteboard, with #elgatodelosfinales in the upper right corner

At this moment, #elgatodelosfinales is announcing the end of my first year. And because I just have one year more at Brown, I want to share with you one part of my 2017-2018 to-do Public Humanities list:

  • Learn Omeka
  • Travel to Quibdó and visit the Manuel Mosquera Garcés plaza
  • Finish the prototype of the “Digital Archive of Manuel Mosquera Garcés”
  • Participate at a conference with my personal project
  • Start my blog about digital cultural heritage projects in Colombia

Let’s see how many of these I will crossed out during next year!


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